Aircraft Upholstery Fabric


$66 Per Yard

Fabric is 54” wide and is sold by the linear yard.

Passes FAR 25.853 12 Vertical Burn Test

Great for seating and side panel applications

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Fabric Details

This high tech knit fabric comprised of both nylon and polyester yarns was originally developed for the trucking industry and has been adapted for aviation use thanks to its flame resistant properties and high level of durability. It is a flame treated fabric and easily passes the FAR 25.853 12 Vertical Burn Test.

Finished Width: 54 inches

Standard Weight: 19.5 +/- 3.0 oz per linear yard

Abrasion Resistance: No significant wear after 400,000 double rubs with #8 cotton duck using the Wyzenbeek test method

Flame Resistance: Passes FAR 25.853 12 Vertical Burn Test

Sewing Instructions:

1. Use a #22 or smaller ball point needle for proper sewing. The smallest needle that is compatible with production should be used. Sharp or oversize needles may cause cutting of yarns resulting in subsequent seam failure.

2. Use either nylon or polyester multi-filament thread for best results. Thread tension should not be excessive to avoid bunching of the fabric.

3. Seam allowance should be 1/2” to 3/4” wide. Seam allowance less than 1/2″ may result in unraveling.


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