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Photo Instructions

Thanks For Ordering Seat Upholstery From Us
To guarantee the fit of your upholstery please take a few moments to send us photos of your seat frames. Please read the frame photo instructions before sending us the photos.
Why We Need Your Seat Photos
A lot of aircraft have had after market seating changes or came from the factory with different seating options therefore it is highly important for us to identify each frame that you have. You can do this with or without the upholstery removed.  We do not need to see your existing upholstery.

Seat Frame Photo Instructions

1. Send a photo of each or your seat frames even if two or more of them appear to be identical. 
2. When taking the photo, get back far enough so that you can see the entire seat in the photo.
3. Take photos at an angle that will show more of the underside of the seat (see example photos below)
4. Text or email the photos. You can email the photos to or text them to 907-382-1230.
If you text them please include your name and order number in the text.
For Best Results
The best angle to achieve the objective is to lay the seat on it’s side on the floor and take a photo from an angle that will show more of the frame than the upholstery. (see example photo)
Once we have received your photos we will let you know if we need any additional information.  Sometimes we might have questions, or need another photo.
Relax, the photos don’t have to be perfect.  Most of the time we can identify the frames even if the angle is incorrect or the entire frame is not in the photo.