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6 Week Fulfillment on Custom Seat Orders



How long will it take from the time I order to get my seats?

Our Zero Down Time seat kits usually ship within 4-6 weeks from time of order.  Our free shipping option usually takes 5-7 business days to deliver.  If you need your seats faster please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What type of foam cushions do you use?

We use layered fire retardant polyurethane foam.  It is a very long lasting durable foam that complies with FAR 25.853 and is tested in the 12 second vertical burn test.  The comfort is in the shaping and layering.  We have developed a layer and shaping system that makes our seat cushions comfortable and long lasting. 

Do you use memory foam?

We do not use memory foam in our seats for many reasons.
Weight – Memory foam is more than twice as heavy as the FR Poly foams that we use.
Lifespan – Memory foam lasts about 1/5th of the time that our FR Poly foams last.
Freezing – Memory foam becomes as hard as a rock in freezing temperatures making it useless as a comfort strategy in cold temperatures.
Cost – Memory foam is much more expensive than our FR poly foam.
As you can see the good does not outweigh the bad. And with our shaping, layering system our seats are more comfortable in the long run.

Do you provide burn certificate paperwork?

All of the materials we use pass the FAA’s required 12 second vertical burn tests and we provide the necessary paper work with your seat upholstery kits.

Will your kits work with the springs, or will they require a modification?

Our kits will work with seat springs.  If you choose, you can install our kits right over the factory springs once you have removed all of the old upholstery.  However we encourage the removal of the springs and the installation of our seat webbings.  The webbings will come with your seat upholstery kit and can be glued over the frame.  Most Cessna and piper models did not have seat springs and had the same glue on webbing that we provide. For more information about seat webbing you can watch this video.