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Piper Upholstery Installation Instructions

Part 1: Teardown and Frame Prep

Watch our teardown and frame prep video below for full details of how to prep your frames for the new upholstery.

Part 2: Installing the upholstery

Watch our install video below for full details of how to install your new upholstery.

Step 1: Glue webbings onto the frame using instructions in the installation video below.

Step 2: Install cushions onto frame using the provided strap tool. detailed instructions are in the video below.

Items you may need

these items are generally a little hard to find locally. Here are links where you can order them online

Glue: HH-66 you will need about 8oz per seat

2k Paint: if you plan to paint your frames. Any two part paint should work fine. Do not use rattle can paint unless it has a 2K activator sleeve. Single part rattle can paint will strip when glued over.